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Contractor  Fredericksburg, VA

About GLMG General Contractors
Fredericksburg, VA

Hunter Greenlaw, Jr. and Don Leake are the managing partners of the company. They started working together in 1997 when Don joined the commercial contracting company Hunter started in 1974, Greenlaw Properties. Since then, their experience, knowledge and integrity have created their solid reputation for quality workmanship and superior service. Each partner contributes different experiences to the company, making it well rounded, diverse and solid.


Strong believers in teamwork, GLMG works closely with teams of clients, architects, engineers and their staffs from beginning to end. They specialize in taking a project from the initial concept of the building through site selection, zoning, design, permits, financing, and construction. GLMG offers a wide range of services, including general contracting, commercial construction management, design/build and pre-construction services. Whether your project is a new structure, interior build-out, renovation, expansion or pre-engineered metal building, their experience, knowledge and expertise will provide complete job satisfaction and quality work.


GLMG, Inc. is a licensed, bonded and insured Class A general contractor. GLMG has completed projects across the Commonwealth of Virginia from Fredericksburg and the surrounding counties to Richmond and the Chesapeake Bay. 

"Besides being down-home good guys and taking care of clients, it’s all about honesty, integrity and reputation."                     

Hunter Greenlaw, Jr.

"We are big on teamwork. It makes projects run well and if you do have problems, it makes them easier to solve. As a result, comfort and trust are established. We work closely from beginning to end with teams of clients, architects, engineers and their staffs."                   

Don Leake

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